Thursday, April 28, 2011


I have been majorly slacking on the blog end.I have been very busy this past week and am glad to announce that my best friend Jack and friend Staci had their baby girl.Chloe Rylian was born  April 12th and very healthy.I couldn't be more happier for them.And that is has kept me busy the past few days because Staci and Chloe moved in with us and I just love her to death!

Anyways I will not be finishing the A-Z challenge.I have gotten behind again but I just don't see how I can catch up and still keep up with all the craziness around here.I am trying to help Staci during the day as she is still recovering.I wish I could...I was curious on what x and z word I would have wrote about.But life happens.

And to make up for it I will share a picture of precious Chloe:)

And one of proud daddy with her:)

Hugs and Love,


  1. You and me both. (I've been slacking as well.) She is adorable! And I REALLY like both those names...Chloe and Rylian. Don't be surprised if we have another girl and she ends up with one of those as her first name. ;)

  2. Family first and always! You're a great mommy! <3

  3. I just love seeing proud daddy's. A new baby is very time-consuming but well done you for helping out. We all need that support.

    Found you on Hop a Little Tuesday.
    CJ xx

  4. Tech Ed 4 Kids dropping by for the Tuesday Blog Hop!

  5. Hi There! I'm your newest follower from MBC! Hope you can swing by and return the favor:)