Friday, May 6, 2011

My Role in this crazy house...and why no one else could do it

I thought about this all week.Of course the most important role I have in my home is mommy and wife.I am also supposed to write about why no one could take on this important role.Why I will tell you.

Nobody knows my babies like me.They don't know their moods or how to navigate these moods to best suit everyone.They wouldn't know the best way to soothe them when they are sick.Nobody would be able to look back and tell them stories of their births and stories of them growing up like me.No one knows the best way to get them to laugh.Plain and one else is their mom/mommy.I am.And that is why no one could take on that role in my home.

My role as a wife is just as simple to explain why no one else could take it.Nobody and I mean nobody could handle my husband's moods(believe me many have tried).Nobody else could take care of my Tom like me.That is not me being conceited or such...I just know.Tom is a very complex person and very difficult person to get along with at times.But I wouldn't trade him for anything in the world.I don't know why out of everyone in the world I was the only girl to be able to handle him(for a lack of a better word)but I sure am glad it ended up that way.

Really what it comes down to is I know my husband and children.Not only is it my job(I hate when it's called that)but it who I am.I am their mommy and his wife.I am okay with this.I just couldn't see me being anything else.