Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Wow!It will calm down...right?

So this past month has been absolutely hectic!I have tried numerous times to sit down and post but something always stops me.I have all my kids home right now plus I have my best friend's 2 month baby during the day while  he works.So my house is quite crazy most days.I have a moment now so I thought what better way to spend it then to bring everyone up to date?

This past month in our crazy life...

Jake has started to really talk more!YAY!He even repeats you now sometimes.Which to me is awesome.Plus he communicates so much better.Which means a lot less frustration.I know everyone tells me to just enjoy the fact he doesn't talk because when he does he will never stop.Well I want to hear his sweet baby voice saying the words all crazy.I want to be able to hear all those wonderful toddler words.I don't want to miss that with him.

My best friend's baby Chloe turned two months on the 12th.She is such a happy baby who loves to smile at you.She loves her tummy time and can roll over to her side so far.And she is definately a daddy's girl!When she sees Jack she gets so excited!And I will admit I tend to spoil her with all those cute,awesome baby girl clothes...but I can't help it!They are to cute!And I never got to buy baby girl clothes.Anyways here is precious Chloe
My Kade is just Kade.He is very excited about turning seven next month.I really can't believe it has already been seven years since he was born!Anyways he planning his birthday and is very specific on what he wants.He is more like me than his dad in the respect.I love to plan where Tom likes to play it by ear.Other than that Kade has just really been enjoying his summer vacation.

As for my Mercedes...she turned 15 on the 24th.15!My where have the years gone?She is becoming such a beautiful woman.I am glad that I was the lucky one to be able to raise her and see her grow all these years.She really is my saving grace.Now to start planning the sweet 16:)

We also celebrated Father's Day with their wonderful dad.And it was Jack's first one.We decided against store bought gifts and made our own...well the kids did,I just helped.And they loved them!Here are a few pictures:)

Even with all the craziness this past month it has had some great moments.I will TRY to post more often but I make no promises.These great kids of mine sure keep me on my toes.And that is if I ever can get to my computer for more than 5 minutes again.Thank you for reading!

Hugs and Love,

Monday, June 6, 2011

Pretty Awesome...

So a back in April my best friend Jack became a father to his first child,Chloe.Now I have known Jack for close to 13 years.He has always been my single and unattached friend,the terminal bachelor so to speak.But on April 12 that changed.It was so weird at first seeing him with his daughter.Not a bad weird,just a different weird.Watching him settle into fatherhood has been pretty awesome.It has only reaffirmed what I already knew...Jack is one hell of a person.And a great dad.It just makes me so proud of him,the way he just embraced being Chloe's dad.He really is a great guy and I am so happy for him.

Just wanted to give some props to Jack.Will try to post more sometime this week.

Hugs and Love,

Sunday, June 5, 2011

It's been awhile...

I am sorry it has been so long since my last post(a month in two weeks I couldn't even get into my blog.That made me super annoyed.But it finally let me log in.It has been such a crazy and hectic month.All the end of the school year events,kids,well just life in general.My daughter graduated 8th grade.I now officially have a high schooler.Crazy!

    Here she is at her graduation.She looks so grown up:(

Kade got three awards.One in reading and writing.He also got the Most Improved(the only one in his grade).I am so proud of him.He worked so hard this year.

We have so much going on this summer so there might be periods I don't post a lot but there will not be a month in between again.That was mostly not being able to log in.

I really just wanted to pop in and say hello to all my blogging friends and let everyone know that I still live:].And that I am back to blogging.Will be posting tomorrow.I really missed everyone here and will be catching up on reading now:]

Hugs and Love,