Thursday, September 12, 2013

Fall Favorites

I love Fall! I wait all year for this season. I love everything about it. Even right now I am impatiently waiting for this amazing time of year.That being said there are certain things I look forward to more than others.

HOODIES!!! Jeans and bare feet. I could wear hoodies and jeans everyday of the year and be on cloud nine! I'm already scouting out the stores for their arrival.

Pumpkins.Pumpkin patch.Pumpkin bread.Pumpkin pie.Pumpkin carving. These little(or sometimes huge if you get my husband to buy them)orange things are a huge part of our lives this time of year. I get excited when I start seeing them at the stores.

Crisp,cool,clean air. Not too hot. Not yet cold. The air smells better. It feels nice to sit outside while the kids play.

Amazing crockpot meals. I just got out and dusted mine off in anticipation for all the nice stews,chilis,soups and every other amazing,filling meals that bring this great time of year.And oh it saves so much time just throwing everything into the pot and going about your business for the rest of the day. LOVE it!!

Picture taking. As a photographer(in the making) fall time is my favorite time to take pictures so far. The air feels cleaner, leaves, pumpkins,costumes,the clothes, well basically all the amazing things you can use in your photos. It is amazing!

Halloween and Thanksgiving. Ah all the little people running around in their amazing costumes having a blast. My kids wear their costumes all of October and most of November. Thanksgiving brings turkey, deviled eggs,cranberry sauce and the beginning of the Christmas season. In our house every night at dinner we all give something we are thankful for that day. My kids love it. It also brings family. And there is nothing I love more!

Dang it, fall needs to hurry it up already!!!

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