Friday, July 29, 2011

I Love to Hear...

My children's laughter.(The most AMAZING sound EVER!).

My husband telling me he loves me.

The chatter and laughter of my family together.

Thunderstorms.Or steady rain on my house.

Waves crashing at the beach.

Music blaring.

The sound of my camera capturing memories.

Cats purring.

A baby's belly laughs.

The guy's hanging out and joking.

My kids playing.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

School Year

The new school year is almost upon us.The kids are getting excited.The stores are full of all the new clothes and supplies they will need.My daughter is bugging to go break me at the mall for new school pants.Kade is ignoring all my pleas of picking out all his stuff he will need(except his backpack).Jake is no is no longer waiting patiently for his turn to board that big yellow bus(or van as he calls it).He is ready to go to school.As for me, I am just ready for all the craziness the weeks before school starts to be over.I am ready for them to start.I love my kids being home for the summer but am always excited about the school year.

I miss the school year during the summer.I miss the one on one I have with Jake.Where we take our walks or just sit around watching cartoons and trying to teach him things.I miss our picture taking time where it is just the two of us.I mean I love that with all my kids but with Jake loving photography as much as me it is special between us.I love watching him learn all about the camera and watching him take the pictures.I miss the visits to the schools.Where I can watch my them put on their little plays or Mercedes' and all her school adventures.

But what I miss the most is waiting for them to come home at the end of the day excited to tell me about their days.Waiting for Kade to get off the bus and those moments he tells me about playing with his friends and what he learned.When Mercedes' gets home and tells me all the drama the seems to fill a teenagers life.Those few moments a day that belongs to only them and me.Where they are still excited to tell mom about their life.Yeah I miss that the most.

(This post is in response to the writing prompts at Mama Kat's Writer's Workshop)

Friday, July 22, 2011

I am such a slacker!

(I have been so busy with four kids that it is hard to keep up with this blog sometimes.I know that when my kids go back to school next month it will be easier and I will be back to posting a lot but right now it just is on the back burner.But I never got to post about Chloe turning 3 months last week.)

On July 12th Miss Chloe turned 3 months old.She is growing so fast!She is rolling over now and start to grab at things she wants(especially my hair!LOL).She is also pushing up when on her belly.She laughs and smiles all the time.In fact she is such a great baby!She only cries when she is hungry or with someone she doesn't really like.And such a daddy's girl it isn't funny!And Jack is such a great daddy.Doing the parenting thing by himself is hard but he's got it.They will be fine.

Here are a few pictures from the day she turned 3 months.She is my sweet Chloe:)

Hugs and Love,