Thursday, April 28, 2011


I have been majorly slacking on the blog end.I have been very busy this past week and am glad to announce that my best friend Jack and friend Staci had their baby girl.Chloe Rylian was born  April 12th and very healthy.I couldn't be more happier for them.And that is has kept me busy the past few days because Staci and Chloe moved in with us and I just love her to death!

Anyways I will not be finishing the A-Z challenge.I have gotten behind again but I just don't see how I can catch up and still keep up with all the craziness around here.I am trying to help Staci during the day as she is still recovering.I wish I could...I was curious on what x and z word I would have wrote about.But life happens.

And to make up for it I will share a picture of precious Chloe:)

And one of proud daddy with her:)

Hugs and Love,

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Day 20:Thank You

Thank you Jesus for blessing me with my children.They were the best gift of all.

Thank you Jesus for giving me such a wonderful man to be my husband.One that understands me,accepts me,listens to me,loves me.

Thank you Jesus for giving me the best family anyone could ask for.Maybe we don't always get along but I couldn't imagine my life without them.

Thank you Jesus for giving my the most awesome friends ever.They are truly the best a girl could have.

Thank you Jesus for giving me a life that I love.

Thank you Jesus for dying on that cross so that I could be saved.

Thank you Jesus for loving me.

Happy Easter!!!

Hugs and Love,

Friday, April 22, 2011

Day 19:Son

From the moment I found I was pregnant(both times)I wished for my baby to be a boy.I got lucky both times and was blessed with two beautiful and very awesome sons!I could(and often did)lay there holding them and watch them for hours.They are the best parts of Tom and I.

Sons can bring such happiness and joy to your life.My sons have brought so much to my life.Unconditional love,amazement,fun,laughter,and enough worrying to last the rest of my life.I couldn't and wouldn't change any of the past 7 years with my Kade and Jacob.

Do you have son(s)?What does the word son mean to you?

Hugs and Love,

I get a little obsessive...

So this weeks prompts were awesome!!I decided on...
#4- Name five things you totally obsess about and why.

1.My kid's being sick with a fever...when Kade was a year old he had a fever that I  couldn't get to go down no matter what I did. We took him to the ER and while we were waiting he started having a seizure.Scared me to death!They told be it was a febrile seizure and they cause no harm to the brain and they outgrow them by age 6 but it is so scary that I obsess over them when they start with the fevers.

2.My computer being cleaned up and organized...I am not quite sure on this one but I think it is just because when it is all over the place it is hard to concentrate on things so I keep it all organized(the ONLY thing in my life that I do keep organized and cleaned up)

3.My pictures...I must have them framed,in an album,backed-up on the computer or safe in the scrapbook tubs.I have lost to many pictures and obsess a little over them now.

4.My pictures are so important to me that I can (and have) spent all day trying to get that perfect shot or all day at the computer making it perfect.

5.When I get an idea in my head of something I want to do...I want to do it and I just obsess over it and all the details til I get to do it.

Hugs and Love,

Day 18:Receptive

(*I didn't get to do this one yesterday so I will do it now and my one for today later.)

Receptive-Willing to consider or accept new suggestions and ideas.
I have been learning a lot about this word the past year or so.I have strong opinions and want things done a certain way.But I have learned that it isn't all about me and I have to be more receptive of others and what they believe and want.I have had the hardest time with this when it comes to my daughter.She is 14 and she is all over the place one what she wants or what she wants to do.I have had to be a lot more receptive with her because she might be a lot like me but she wants things and does things differently then I did at her age.Like at the moment she wants her nose pierced for her birthday in June.And if you read my options post then you know that some things I agonize over.This was one of them.I mean she is only turning 15, why does she need her nose pierced?So I asked my friends what they thought and really they helped me a lot.And I came to the conclusion it really wasn't that she needs it she just wants it.So her dad and I decided that we would allow this because even though she is still only going to be 15 some things you just have to go with when it comes to your kids(plus it is better then her rebeling and trying to do it herself).I was worried about her nose due to her problems with it and her future surgery on it but her ENT doctor said it would be just fine.This is not about me and what I think.This is about my daughter and what she thinks and wants.I have had to step back and realize that well she is old enough to make those decisions for herself and I need to realize that.I have learned to really listen to my kids.

I get it.My thoughts and ideas are one in billions of peoples thoughts and ideas.What I think someone sees a whole different way.Doesn't mean either is wrong but it does mean that maybe the other persons ideas aren't maybe just a little better.I have learned that I can make things easier and get along better if I just step back and listen.Sometimes I like my ideas better and sometimes I like the other persons ideas better.So I feel that being more receptive to people has made me just a little bit better at being me:)

What do you think about being more receptive?

Hugs and Love,

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Day 17:Quiet

Do you have a quiet place?It is like a happy place.A place to go when the world is driving you crazy?The hubby?Even the kids?Oh I do.I love my quiet place.I just close my eyes and I am there...a secluded tropical island,a damp forest after the rain,a spa.Oh the places my imagination takes me when I need my quiet place.And believe me in my crazy house I need it often.Sometimes I can just lose myself in a book for hours or get so into my internet world that I lose track of time.But get this...I hate silence.Can't stand it.I like quiet at times when things are crazy but there has to be some kind of white noise(like my fan).I am weird I know but that is just one of those crazy things that makes me me.

What is your quiet place?

Hugs and Love,

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Day 16:Photography

What else would I write about that begins with the letter 'P'?

I got my first camera when I was eleven.My mom bought it for me with a box of the 35mm rolls of film.I fell in love with the first picture I took.It was the beginning of my passion and love for pictures and cameras.I have upgraded a few times since then and I have learned a lot in the last 15 years.Last year I was still wondering if I could go further and make it as my career.I had long talks with the hubby about it and decided that I would try my hand at becoming a professional.I have so much to learn and I can't wait to really begin my journey to becoming a professional photographer.I am going to get my Bachelors Degree in Digital Photography and my Masters Degree in Visual Arts.Six years in school and honestly I couldn't be more excited!!!I know I could do it without them but I know that I have so much to learn on the professional side and also I want to do it for myself.I want to be able to look at my name on those degrees and feel all those awesome feelings in knowing I did it.

Don't you just love photography?

Hugs and Love,

Hop a Little Tuesday-Week 6

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Monday, April 18, 2011

Day 15:Options

Me and this word have a love-hate relationship.On one hand I really love having options.The fact that I can have or choose things differently is a really awesome thing.But on the other hand sometimes it can be a headache.I can sit here and agonize over all the options in front of me.Like the decision to move or not.My options here are we can stay here where the kids already have friends and Kade can continue to go to the school he has gone to since he started school where he knows everyone.OR we can move where the kids can have a yard and we can have more privacy.Here we can't even put a swingset in our itty bitty yard and really Kade hates his school and begs to go to a different one.Also moving can be expensive but so can having to make repairs in a rental place because the landlord won't.So I sit here and agonize of this.

What do you think of all the options in your world?

Love and Hugs,

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Day 14:Names

Since I couldn't really think of an N word I thought I would share the reasons I gave my boys their names:)(I get asked this a lot especially with Kade)

When I was pregnant with Kade I just could not choose a name.I had a list with favorites of Alexander,Benjamin,Adam and Jacob.Tom and I went back and forth until we decided on Alexander Dean(Dean is my dad's middle name).I liked it for about a week.I just could not settle on one.I also wanted a different name but Tom wanted a traditional name(Samuel,Nicholas and so forth).One night in my fifth month I started reading a book and one of the main characters names was Kincade and called Cade.I fell in love with it.So I took the name Cade and picked a name off Tom's list-Nicholas-and we had Cade Nicholas.Well Tom loved it but wanted to use a K instead of a C.So next I looked up what the names meant because meanings mean a lot to me and this is what I got

Kade- Pure
Nicholas-Victorious People

I liked the meanings and we had us Kade Nicholas.

When I was pregnant with Jacob it was a different story.The only name we could agree on was Jacob.I did have a hard time picking out a middle name.I didn't like any of the names suggested.Then I found the name Riley in a baby book.I just loved it.And of course again I had to know the meanings of these names which were

Jacob-supplanter(which I really didn't like the meaning but liked the name)
Riley-Rye clearing or small stream

Well really I didn't like either meaning but my Grandma told me the Riley was actually a family name which I thought was cool and maybe that is why I liked it so much.So meanings aside we got us a Jacob Riley.

Is there a reason behind you child(ren) name(s)?

Hugs and Love,

Friday, April 15, 2011

Day 13:Me(and a Award!)

Ok ok I just couldn't come up with an awesome 'M' word so I decided what better to write about than me?I can be awesome to:)!And since I also received another  award from Mama Love I figured I would kill two birds with one stone and make one blog.

I want to say Thank you very much to Mama Love!!!I also enjoy your blog:)

The Rules:

•Thank the person who gave you the award and link back to them in your done above!
•Tell us seven things about yourself
•Award fifteen recently discovered new bloggers
•Contact these bloggers and let them know they’ve received their award.
Seven things about myself:
1.I am happily married to my Tom.He is my best friend.
2.I am a SAHM and right now I love it.
3.I have learned I really hate hospitals!
4.I am very unorganized much to my husbands dismay.
5.I have lived in the same area my whole life and would like to move somewhere different.
6.I always wanted 1 girl and 2 boys and got exactly that:)
7.I love rainy days...can't get enough of them.

The 15 5 blogs I have decided to award are:

That is all for now.Thank you so much for reading!!

Hugs and Love,

Day 12:Lucky

I have been very lucky in my life.

I am lucky to have a husband that loves me and comes home to me every night.He works hard and is everything I want and need.

I am lucky to have the 3 most awesome kids ever!I am lucky to be able to call myself their mom.

I am lucky to have a family who loves me and is always there for me.They stand by me no matter what.

I am lucky to have friends who are there for me with advice,understanding,love and anything else I need.

I am lucky to be a child of God.

I am lucky to have a passion(my photography)that I am free to explore and go further in.

I am just plain lucky!!

What do you feel lucky about?

Hugs and Love,

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Day 11:Kindness

If I could change one thing about people as a whole it would be our lack of kindness.Kindness has seemed to disappear more and more these days.I try to be kind to everyone I come in contact with.Be it opening and holding a door for someone,helping them load the bags into their car or just giving someone a smile.I mean what is the big deal about being kind to people?I understand if someone has had a bad day or if they just are in a bad mood but really that is not an excuse to be unkind to people who don't even know you.It is not their fault.

I teach my children the importance of kindness.That even if you don't want to(who doesn't want to???) you be kind to people.Ones you know and the ones you don't.Being kind should just come natural to people.This really should not be an issue.I mean really??

What do you think??Do you think kindness is disappearing from the world?

Hugs and Love,


Okay I have been thinking all day about what i could write about that begins with 'J' and I really couldn't come up with anything that I wanted to(horrible huh?).So I just thought I would share a few of my favorite songs jams.I love music.I listen to it while I am on the computer,making lists(yes I make tons of lists),cleaning,hanging out...pretty much anything except when I am watching TV.So here a few of my favorites:)

Those are just a few that I like to 'jam' to.

What are you favorite jams?

Hugs and Love,

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

One of those scary mom moments

Sorry that I missed all the great Tuesday fun yesterday.I will catch up on everything later.My daughter had surgery yesterday to remove her tonsils and adenoids.It did not go as planned.She was fine for the first hour and then she started throwing up blood.Lots of it.So they had to take her back into surgery again.She did a lot better after that one.Her doctor wants her to meet with a hematologist in a month to get blood work done to check for any blood disorders because he said that not only is the bleeding not normal but that amount of her bleeding was a concern.So we got to stay overnight and were released this afternoon.She is doing good now and everything checked out great after her second surgery.

I will try to catch up on my A-Z challenge tomorrow so sorry about the many posts(I will have to do 3)that will fill up your dashboard.

Hugs and Love,

Monday, April 11, 2011

Day 9:Improvement

A word that applies to me.I could use a lot of improvement in my life.Or really I could make a lot of improvements to my life.I am not afraid of the word as much as it is just a hard thing to do for me.I get too comfortable in my daily routines and use the excuse a lot that I am too busy or I will start on this date.But I think it is now time to just admit I have been lazy and get these improvements done.

I really could improve my skills as a housewife.It's not that I don't like cleaning it's just I don't like repetition.I can't stand the same thing everyday.And the fact as soon as I get a room clean it is a mess ten minutes later.Drives me crazy.So I lack at keeping the house as clean as I should.I shouldn't.My sweet husband goes to work everyday, doing the same thing everyday to pay for our house so I feel like he should come home to a clean and great smelling house.

That would mean that I should probably make improvements as far as being a wife as well.I should put in just as much work as he does.We are partners aren't we?Yes I take care of the kids but really two of them are gone most of the day  five times a week.And I do clean but I could do so much more.

Those are my improvements for the now.I am going to work really hard to make them.No more excuses.

What improvements do you need to make??

Hugs and love,

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Day 8:Home

Home.A word that means many things.I find that to me home means family.A place I can go that is peaceful and harmonious.Where I am and where I come from.I don't think of a house.A house is just that.A house.A home is where everything in your life happens.I have lived in my houses but my home has always remained in the same place.My husband's arms,my children's laughter,my mom's fried chicken,Larry BBQing,my kid's playing with their Uncle Jack,Mercedes dancing,the family get togethers.That is what I think of when I think of home.

I love my home.It consists of many people I love and whom love me.My home is full of memories,laughter,tears,heartaches,triumphs,love and happiness.My home is where I want to be.

What does home mean to you?

Hugs and Love,

Friday, April 8, 2011

Day 7:Give

Give to your children.Give them everything your have.Love,support,understanding,independence,room and the most important give them your time.

Give to your significant other.They deserve the best of you.

Give to your family.They are where you come from.They are the first people to ever love you.

Give to your community.It is where you live,where your children grow up,your little piece of the world.

Give to the world.It needs it.

Give to God.He is the reason you are here.

Give to yourself.You will never have a relationship more important than one with yourself so make sure that you give to yourself.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Day 6:Fathers

This is a sore subject for me lately.I see fathers as just as important as moms.So it pains me that there are situations like my friend's when the mom feels she has the right to keep his child away from him when there is no good reason.I can't comprehend this.Fathers are so important to their children.I was lucky to have two great fathers in my life.My daddy was my first love.I was his only child and he spoiled me rotten.Not with material things as much as with his time.He spent time with me,taught me and loved me as any parent could love their child.He was like my best friend.So you can only imagine the pain it caused me when at eleven my daddy suffered a brain aneurysm.He did not die but it completely changed him.I felt like I lost a part of me that day.I still do feel that and it is that part that belonged to him.I am healed as much as I will ever be.It still can bring me to my knees sometimes.But when I was 13 my mom got with my Larry.My second father.The one that helped me survive my teenage years and has been there for all the milestones that you need your father for.Larry was always there for me to talk to and lean on.He is simply my Larry.He is my children's Papa.I was lucky to have these two men to call my fathers.In fact they both walked my down the aisle the day I got married.

So in my mind I find it hard to comprehend keeping a child away from their father for no reason.The son's need them to help teach them only things a man can teach them,to play catch,to talk girls with them.The daughter's need them to teach them how a man should treat a woman,to dance around on daddy's feet,be daddy's little princess.Fathers deserve to be the dad.To get to have that precious relationship that only exists between them.I see it every time  I see my husband with one of our kids.It really is an amazing thing.

So let the fathers be just that.Let them be the best dad they can be without interfering.They will get it.

Hugs and Love,

**I know most of the women who read this are amazing mothers and this doesn't apply to you.And I know there are situations where the child should be kept from the dad(violence,drugs,etc).This applies to certain people in my life.It's just a sore subject for me at the moment.I am not attacking anyone on my followers list or anyone I know online for that matter.Thank you for reading.

If you really Knew Me

If you really knew me,you would know...

1.I am stubborn to a fault.Just ask my husband.

2.I am terrified of the dark.I know that I shouldn't be but I can't help it.

3.I love dolphins and harp seals.I literally cry my heart out when I think about how to club those sweet seals just to get their fur.

4.I have issues with anxiety and depression at times.I have came along way and most of the time it stays away but sometimes it creeps back up.

5.I hate to wear shoes.I love my flip flops but if I can't stand to wear shoes!

6.I can't stand liars.Or drama.To me they go hand in hand.

7.My family is my whole world.And at this moment in my life I am okay with that.

8.I love meeting new people.I am extremely shy at first but once I get to know you I may never shut up.

9.I lose my patience to quickly.I am trying to learn to be more patient.But when I want something done I wnat it done NOW.

10.Due to my photography obsession my house is full of pictures.To the point of have half of my framed pictures in a cabinet.I have to choose which ones to display and ones to put away.I try to rotate them at times.

If you really knew me, you would know that really I am simple and love life.I love my husband and our children.And as long as you don't lie to me or screw me over I will be your friend for life.

Mama’s Losin’ It

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Photo Share

I have been neglecting sharing of the photos lately so I thought that I would share some with everyone:)

Okay now that I have overloaded you with photos I am off to get dinner going.

Hugs and Love,

*on a side note...yes I have more pictures of Jake than Kade but that is because Kade hates me taking his picture so I don't get very many as where Jake is the complete opposite.Just wanted to say so nobody thinks i am partial to one.I wish Kade would be more into it but he is like Tom in that sense.

Another Award

I received another award!WOW!I am honored!Thank you so much from A Storybook World .She gave me The Beautiful Mommy Writer Award.Again thank you so much!

Day 5: Excited

As some of you know there are a lot of things happening in the next couple months I am not excited about.But there are many that that I am very excited about.

I am really excited about my daughter's surgery to remove her tonsils and adenoids next Tuesday.I mean after over a year of my baby's tonsils being swollen to the point of closing up her throat and having problems breathing I know it will be a relief for her and she will feel so much better.She will be able to breathe again easily.

I am very excited about taking my boys to see Toy Story 3 on Ice next Saturday.Especially since they have no clue that they are going.So exciting!!

I am excited about Mother's Day.I love all the awesome things my kid's come up with on their own in celebrating that day with me.

I am excited about doing a girl's night this month or next.Whichever night it is nice to get away from all the testosterone in my house and all around me.

I am excited to celebrate my Wedding Anniversary next month.I am completely in love with my Tom and love celebrating our love.

I am excited about the last day of school.I love having my kids home for the summer(for the most part:)).

I am excited that I have my first wedding photography shoot in June.I can't wait!!

Those are just a few things I am excited about coming up in the next couple months.It is nice in the middle of all the drama and everyday things life brings us to have things to be excited about.

What thing(s) has you excited that is coming up?

Hugs and Love,

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Day 4:Daughter

A word with so much meaning.A person who brings so much meaning to your life.A daughter is so many things.My daughter is my baby,my (not so little)girl,my saving grace,my best friend.Yes she has the ability to bring me to tears or  upset me like no one else can(I mean she is almost 15) but she has brought so much joy,happiness,laughter,fun and amazement to my life.

I love my daughter with every fiber of my being.There are times I look at her and wonder what what I did to deserve such a blessing.She is absolutely a blessing.

Do you have a daughter(s)?What does the word daughter mean to you?

Hugs and Love,

*Sorry for another short post but I spent a lot of my day with a sick Kade and at the doctor's office.

Top Ten Tuesdays

This week's Top Ten is Favorite Summer Activities.Which to me is really cool and I have so many but I think I can do just ten.

1.Going to the Beach.As long as I don't get sunburned like I did last summer:)
2.Fourth of July.I love hanging out with the family,BBQing and fireworks!!
3.BBQ's.Enough said.
4.Mercedes' and Kade's Birthdays.I love my summer babies!
5.Sno-cones and Slushes.
7.Playing in the sprinklers or rain.
8.Catching Fireflies.
9.Going to the park with the family.
10.Doing things with the kids more because there is no school.

Head over to Simple Sweet Life to join in the fun!!

Hugs and Love,

Hop a Little Tuesday-Week 4

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Monday, April 4, 2011

Day 3:Choice

Choice- consists of the mental process of judging the merits of multiple options and selecting one of them.

Everyday is full of choices.Some important,some not so much. They all matter.Even the littlest choice can have the biggest impact.Some make them quickly while others agonize over all the options before them.Some leave the deciding to others.But it remains that choices are a part of our everyday lives.They are what shapes our lives in a every sense.Where we choose to live,where we choose to work,choosing to have children or not,etc.Every single choice we make shapes our future and who we are as people.

The reason I chose this as my 'C' topic is because of some other person's choices that have affected my life lately.See the choices you make don't always affect just you.They can affect many people as well.And sometimes it is not a good thing.Sometimes choices must be made with someone else.Sometimes it isn't just about you.

Choices can be easy.They can be hard.And some can seem impossible to make.But in the end you must make them whether you want to or not.Just make sure you can live with the ones you make.

What is one of the choices you made that affected you life the most?

Hugs and Love.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Day 2: Baaaanaaanaaaa

When Despicable me came out I thought it was going to be stupid.Then I got it for my kids and it's now one of my favorite movies.I love the minions.They are so funny!!!What came with the movie was an extra DVD-Minion Madness which is 3 short Minion Movies.The Banana one got rave reviews in my house and therefore inspired this post.

If you haven't seen it yet here it is....

Sorry this post is so short but I have been busy hanging with the kids today and just didn't really put a lot into the 'B' post.Hope you enjoy the short film though.

Hugs and Love,

Friday, April 1, 2011

Day 1:A is for


Like the other day when Jake decided he was going to be the photographer and take my picture.He had very specific poses in mind and was very professional I say.Have you ever had a 3 year old who barely talks pose you for a picture?Let me tell you...very amusing!!

                         His finished result...not to bad!!!

Or when Kade thought it would be amusing to pull out EVERY Lincoln log,Army man,train track(we have several)and set up shop in my living room.I don't think there was one spot of carpet you could see.Yes...amusing!

I could go one and one about the amusing moments my loves bring to my life but I am just to tired and ready for bed.Plus I just don't have the room:)

So what is a great amusing moment you have had lately?

Hugs and Love,

A to Z Challenge

So I came across this blog with this challenge and thought what fun it would be.I just thought that I would post this one first to pass it along...there are already over 1085 other bloggers signed up.So hop on over there and check it out.

I am of to do a few wifey things and will be back later to post my first one.Now just to pick something that begins with an 'A' that I would like to write about:)

Hugs and Love,