Thursday, April 7, 2011

Day 6:Fathers

This is a sore subject for me lately.I see fathers as just as important as moms.So it pains me that there are situations like my friend's when the mom feels she has the right to keep his child away from him when there is no good reason.I can't comprehend this.Fathers are so important to their children.I was lucky to have two great fathers in my life.My daddy was my first love.I was his only child and he spoiled me rotten.Not with material things as much as with his time.He spent time with me,taught me and loved me as any parent could love their child.He was like my best friend.So you can only imagine the pain it caused me when at eleven my daddy suffered a brain aneurysm.He did not die but it completely changed him.I felt like I lost a part of me that day.I still do feel that and it is that part that belonged to him.I am healed as much as I will ever be.It still can bring me to my knees sometimes.But when I was 13 my mom got with my Larry.My second father.The one that helped me survive my teenage years and has been there for all the milestones that you need your father for.Larry was always there for me to talk to and lean on.He is simply my Larry.He is my children's Papa.I was lucky to have these two men to call my fathers.In fact they both walked my down the aisle the day I got married.

So in my mind I find it hard to comprehend keeping a child away from their father for no reason.The son's need them to help teach them only things a man can teach them,to play catch,to talk girls with them.The daughter's need them to teach them how a man should treat a woman,to dance around on daddy's feet,be daddy's little princess.Fathers deserve to be the dad.To get to have that precious relationship that only exists between them.I see it every time  I see my husband with one of our kids.It really is an amazing thing.

So let the fathers be just that.Let them be the best dad they can be without interfering.They will get it.

Hugs and Love,

**I know most of the women who read this are amazing mothers and this doesn't apply to you.And I know there are situations where the child should be kept from the dad(violence,drugs,etc).This applies to certain people in my life.It's just a sore subject for me at the moment.I am not attacking anyone on my followers list or anyone I know online for that matter.Thank you for reading.


  1. Good post.

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  2. Fathers are so important. My husband is only home about 6 days a month and I feel so bad for my babies. When he's home they have to soak up as much of his time as possible. I can't imagine keeping them away from him on purpose.