Friday, April 22, 2011

Day 18:Receptive

(*I didn't get to do this one yesterday so I will do it now and my one for today later.)

Receptive-Willing to consider or accept new suggestions and ideas.
I have been learning a lot about this word the past year or so.I have strong opinions and want things done a certain way.But I have learned that it isn't all about me and I have to be more receptive of others and what they believe and want.I have had the hardest time with this when it comes to my daughter.She is 14 and she is all over the place one what she wants or what she wants to do.I have had to be a lot more receptive with her because she might be a lot like me but she wants things and does things differently then I did at her age.Like at the moment she wants her nose pierced for her birthday in June.And if you read my options post then you know that some things I agonize over.This was one of them.I mean she is only turning 15, why does she need her nose pierced?So I asked my friends what they thought and really they helped me a lot.And I came to the conclusion it really wasn't that she needs it she just wants it.So her dad and I decided that we would allow this because even though she is still only going to be 15 some things you just have to go with when it comes to your kids(plus it is better then her rebeling and trying to do it herself).I was worried about her nose due to her problems with it and her future surgery on it but her ENT doctor said it would be just fine.This is not about me and what I think.This is about my daughter and what she thinks and wants.I have had to step back and realize that well she is old enough to make those decisions for herself and I need to realize that.I have learned to really listen to my kids.

I get it.My thoughts and ideas are one in billions of peoples thoughts and ideas.What I think someone sees a whole different way.Doesn't mean either is wrong but it does mean that maybe the other persons ideas aren't maybe just a little better.I have learned that I can make things easier and get along better if I just step back and listen.Sometimes I like my ideas better and sometimes I like the other persons ideas better.So I feel that being more receptive to people has made me just a little bit better at being me:)

What do you think about being more receptive?

Hugs and Love,

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