Friday, April 22, 2011

I get a little obsessive...

So this weeks prompts were awesome!!I decided on...
#4- Name five things you totally obsess about and why.

1.My kid's being sick with a fever...when Kade was a year old he had a fever that I  couldn't get to go down no matter what I did. We took him to the ER and while we were waiting he started having a seizure.Scared me to death!They told be it was a febrile seizure and they cause no harm to the brain and they outgrow them by age 6 but it is so scary that I obsess over them when they start with the fevers.

2.My computer being cleaned up and organized...I am not quite sure on this one but I think it is just because when it is all over the place it is hard to concentrate on things so I keep it all organized(the ONLY thing in my life that I do keep organized and cleaned up)

3.My pictures...I must have them framed,in an album,backed-up on the computer or safe in the scrapbook tubs.I have lost to many pictures and obsess a little over them now.

4.My pictures are so important to me that I can (and have) spent all day trying to get that perfect shot or all day at the computer making it perfect.

5.When I get an idea in my head of something I want to do...I want to do it and I just obsess over it and all the details til I get to do it.

Hugs and Love,


  1. We obess over alot of the same things. I'm trying to calm down on pictures, because sometimes I'm so worried about getting a great shot of the girls that I don't enjoy my day. And once I get something in my head I can't stop thinking about it until I do it. My computer is half organized, half not. The half that my husband has done is completely OCD organized, it's ridculous.

  2. Stopping by from Mom's Tree House. Love your post. I'm obsessed with perfection.

  3. Omg, you are too funny. I obsess over my pictures but more so for my books. I have a table in y basement with books piled shy high with books I have not read, but in on order on which one to read. yes, I'm crazy. Thanks for paticipating.

  4. I think it's hard not to obsess over your children, especially when they are sick, that can be frightening.
    I love photography, so I'll spend a lot of time making my shots perfect, to the point of obsession.
    Sometimes I'll obsess so much over an idea, that I won't do it, afraid that I can't make it perfect.
    So, I obsess over many of the same things that you do :)

  5. Hello,
    Hope you are enjoying the warm weather. Following you from the hop :) Please stop by and say hi