Monday, November 4, 2013

Fall is here and another twelve years...

Oh I am so excited! Excited to feel the cooler weather(whoo hooo hoodies), to have my slow cooker going most days( the house smells so good), to be talking Thanksgiving dinner with the family, even seeing the Christmas stuff up at the stores has my giddy! I love this time of year! The smells,the atmosphere, just every amazing thing this time of year brings. 

This time of year also brings Tom and mine anniversary. We have been together twelve blissfully, imperfect years. Twelve years of that amazing man being mine. Twelve years of him coming home to me. Twelve years of ups and downs, learning about each other,loving each other. In those twelve years we have brought two wonderful boys into the world to join the amazing sister. We have fought,laughed,loved. We have been everything to each other. Tom is my best friend. He has been there for me through every good and bad thing in my life. He has been the shoulder I cry or lean on. He has been my cheerleader when I need one, never letting me give up on my dreams. He has been my rock though the rough days and my light on the good ones. He is the best father for my children. Their hero. So here is to another amazing twelve years with the man who really is my everything.

Now I am going to go cuddle up with that amazing man and just enjoy him being there!!

Hugs and Love,