About Me

♥I am a wife. mom. daughter.sister. granddaughter .niece .cousin. friend. woman. me.♥

I♥my family.friends.God.Jesus.the color pink.reading.music.dolphins.harp seals.shopping.having fun.taking pictures.pasta.listening to my kids laugh.kissing Tom. decorating. cooking. tattoos. dancing in the rain.dancing with my kids.candles.rainy days.old cars.twilight.reality shows.holidays.fall.hot chocolate.sonic slushes. disney movies.life.

I DON'T♥judgmental people.rude or mean people.cleaning.laundry.when my kids are hurt or sick.liars.bugs.bad attitudes.killing animals for sport.people who cheat.broken promises.drama.bullshit.funerals.

I am a simple person.All I want is to raise my family,have a wonderful marriage and take pictures.See simple!Everything else in my opinion is trivial and just part of life.I like to roll with the punches.I learned a long time ago plans are a no go in my household so we just go where life takes us.So far it suits us well.I dream of one day being a professional photographer.So you will see ALOT of pictures here.If I don't ever get to photographer status that is okay too.At least I captured so many memories along the way.

My husband and kids are my world so you will get to know them as you follow my blog.I love the fact that even though I haven't met a lot of my online friends I still get to watch their family grow through pictures and stories.It is an amazing thing technology.And I have met some amazing people on here.

If there is anything else you want to know about me don't be afraid to ask.Believe me I am not shy.

Hugs and Love,

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