Monday, April 18, 2011

Day 15:Options

Me and this word have a love-hate relationship.On one hand I really love having options.The fact that I can have or choose things differently is a really awesome thing.But on the other hand sometimes it can be a headache.I can sit here and agonize over all the options in front of me.Like the decision to move or not.My options here are we can stay here where the kids already have friends and Kade can continue to go to the school he has gone to since he started school where he knows everyone.OR we can move where the kids can have a yard and we can have more privacy.Here we can't even put a swingset in our itty bitty yard and really Kade hates his school and begs to go to a different one.Also moving can be expensive but so can having to make repairs in a rental place because the landlord won't.So I sit here and agonize of this.

What do you think of all the options in your world?

Love and Hugs,


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  4. It's so hard knowing what to do. We've been thinking about moving too. I just hate the thought of repairs. We need more room though--I can't believe how big our family has gotten.

    I'll pray that you'll find the perfect place if you end up moving. ;)

    P. S. My son LOVES the music on your blog. He's started begging me to visit the "Good guy music blog" LOL! So fun.

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