Saturday, April 16, 2011

Day 14:Names

Since I couldn't really think of an N word I thought I would share the reasons I gave my boys their names:)(I get asked this a lot especially with Kade)

When I was pregnant with Kade I just could not choose a name.I had a list with favorites of Alexander,Benjamin,Adam and Jacob.Tom and I went back and forth until we decided on Alexander Dean(Dean is my dad's middle name).I liked it for about a week.I just could not settle on one.I also wanted a different name but Tom wanted a traditional name(Samuel,Nicholas and so forth).One night in my fifth month I started reading a book and one of the main characters names was Kincade and called Cade.I fell in love with it.So I took the name Cade and picked a name off Tom's list-Nicholas-and we had Cade Nicholas.Well Tom loved it but wanted to use a K instead of a C.So next I looked up what the names meant because meanings mean a lot to me and this is what I got

Kade- Pure
Nicholas-Victorious People

I liked the meanings and we had us Kade Nicholas.

When I was pregnant with Jacob it was a different story.The only name we could agree on was Jacob.I did have a hard time picking out a middle name.I didn't like any of the names suggested.Then I found the name Riley in a baby book.I just loved it.And of course again I had to know the meanings of these names which were

Jacob-supplanter(which I really didn't like the meaning but liked the name)
Riley-Rye clearing or small stream

Well really I didn't like either meaning but my Grandma told me the Riley was actually a family name which I thought was cool and maybe that is why I liked it so much.So meanings aside we got us a Jacob Riley.

Is there a reason behind you child(ren) name(s)?

Hugs and Love,

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