Monday, April 11, 2011

Day 9:Improvement

A word that applies to me.I could use a lot of improvement in my life.Or really I could make a lot of improvements to my life.I am not afraid of the word as much as it is just a hard thing to do for me.I get too comfortable in my daily routines and use the excuse a lot that I am too busy or I will start on this date.But I think it is now time to just admit I have been lazy and get these improvements done.

I really could improve my skills as a housewife.It's not that I don't like cleaning it's just I don't like repetition.I can't stand the same thing everyday.And the fact as soon as I get a room clean it is a mess ten minutes later.Drives me crazy.So I lack at keeping the house as clean as I should.I shouldn't.My sweet husband goes to work everyday, doing the same thing everyday to pay for our house so I feel like he should come home to a clean and great smelling house.

That would mean that I should probably make improvements as far as being a wife as well.I should put in just as much work as he does.We are partners aren't we?Yes I take care of the kids but really two of them are gone most of the day  five times a week.And I do clean but I could do so much more.

Those are my improvements for the now.I am going to work really hard to make them.No more excuses.

What improvements do you need to make??

Hugs and love,

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  1. Ah I think to myself everyday that i need these same improvements I to am a stay at home mom of 3 (baby to age 4) and My house never is clean clean no it's no disaster zone but it could be so much better I do clean but in no time it's as bad or worse than it was before so therefore it makes me not want to do it again day in and day out I do the basics but I'm home most of the day and feel like I should keep a stepford wife house lol I think I will work on this improvement this week too Super clean the house all week and then try to maintain it.. :)