Friday, March 4, 2011

Did ya miss me??

Sorry it has been awhile.It has been a very long and hectic couple of weeks.And only more to come!So while I had a few extra minutes I thought I would post for you.Nothing to exciting happening around here, just the same old and kids.I also celebrated my 26th birthday this past Tuesday...mostly in bed with a horrible earache.I couldn't even get a piece of my cake I was in so much pain.Not the best birthday.I did get a homemade card from my baby boy Kade.He is just the sweetest:)
Last Saturday we took Kade to his cub scouts event "Things that Go".The boys had a blast.They got to see race cars,monster trucks and even to get in a Coast Guard Boat(which Jake loved...we had a heck of a time getting him out of it).It was nice getting away from the house for awhile with the boys that wasn't dentist appointments or to the grocery store.
Other that that we have kinda been in a,clean and kids,then repeat the next day.But that is okay sometimes.It makes for a comfortable routine at times.With Spring coming up I foresee alot of kid activities and alot of me trying to grow flowers again.That is right...try!I have whatever comes after black thumb.I think the flowers start screaming and trembling every year when I go to Home Depot.But once again I am going to try.I hope I can a least get one to grow nicely this year.We will see.
Well I must go as Jake wants to play and how can I resist such a handsome face and his version of the word please.:)
But before I go I must share some pictures(of course!)

                                                    The boys at the Things that Go

                       They had some cool looking cars there...I like the cop car's back window


                                                          And just a few misc...

                                                                 Hugs and Love,

Jake wants to add something for everyone:)
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