Thursday, March 10, 2011

The One who made me a Mommy

Most people venture in to mommyhood the conventional way.They meet someone,fall in love and have baby together.Mine was not near that.I hadn't fallen in love and I didn't get pregnant.In fact I wasn't even thinking about being a mommy.Especially when I was just about to turn 14.But life seems to make plans without asking you your opinion on it.In this instance I am okay with that.See I didn't choose to be anyone's mommy at this point in my life.She choose for me.This cute little blonde 2 year old decided I was her mommy.Maybe she knew that down the road I was going to fall in love with her dad,marry him and have her two brothers.Or maybe she just knew I was supposed to be her mom.I don't know the reasons or the why but I am glad that she choose me.I was scared at first.I was only 14 and what did I know about being a mommy.Now I was not your everyday mommy.I went to school and I went out with friends.I kept going on with my teenage life.But when I went to take care of this precious little girl I was her mommy.Nothing could convince her otherwise.Believe me I tried.I wasn't ready to be that much to a person.Especially a little girl who needed a mom.But her I was mommy and that was it.I am not even sure when it just become that,when I stopped running from the word and embraced it.One day,not sure when,I was a mommy.Now when I think about it I feel it was supposed to be.And out of everyone in this world that precious baby girl choose me!How awesome is that?That little girl,my sweet Mercedes choose me to be the most important person in her life besides her father.I don't think there is a better honor in this world that to have a child choose you.See my boys were given to me.I carried them and gave birth to them.There is no question that they are my sons and I am their mom.But Mercedes she choose me.To me that is amazing.My first real miracle.She saved me.At that time in my life I was hanging out with the wrong people and going down a road that only God knows where it would have taken me.Not a good place I know.I was suffering.I had lost my dad(he is still alive and in my life but that is a story for another day).I was hurting.I didn't reach out or ask for help.I did things I am not proud of trying to block out the pain.Nobody could reach me.Except Mercedes.She did.She saved me from destroying my life.Even when I was scared of getting to close to her she reached out and made me me again.She is my angel.I believe that she was sent to me as much I was I was sent to her.I love that I have been able to watch her grow into the beautiful 14 yr old she is today.I love that she is a normal teenage girl who loves to talk on the phone and is obsessed with her hair.I love the fact that we argue just like any other mom and teen daughter.I love that she comes to me with her questions(even when they are hard to answer) and problems.I love that we laugh and hang out together.I love that I am her mom.I love that she is my daughter.
                                       Could you resist this face?
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  1. Sweet story... glad everything turned out OK.

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  2. Hello 'Bloggy Moms' - I loved reading your post.

    It's really wonderful be a mother. My life also changed fast. Less than 3 years I never thought of meeting my wonderful husband, he picked me up in Israel and brought me to Brazil and we have Hannah. I also stare at the baby Hannah and think how wonderful it is destiny.

    I wish blessings for his family.


  3. Sooo darling ;)

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  5. Motherhood changes us all regardless as to how it happens.

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