Sunday, March 27, 2011

Fun Day

Yesterday Kade's cub scouts had a Fun Day at the park.It was a lot of fun.Everyone fished,flew kites and even the grown ups joined the little ones on the playground.It was nice to get out of the house and have some much needed family time.Of course there were your mini-crises(Mercedes hurt her eye and that caused an hour of horrifying teenage drama and her fear of her eye falling out I imagine) and then I am running after Jake and almost fall embrassingly to the ground when my favorite pair of flip flops decide to break on me(luckily the guys were at the store at that moment and could pick me up a new pair).Other than your those horrific incidences the day went smooth and drama-free.Whooo Hooooo!!The kids had a blast and us grown ups got to relax for the most part.And Mercedes and Shaylin both caught their first fish!Very awesome to them!

Tom got to fly his the kid's kites again.

And I think the guys had just as much fun on the slides as the kids.

These girls had us laughing pretty hard when they decided to play this game...

And the fishing was pretty cool...everyone had a lot of fun

All in all a great day with the family.Even if my back did get sunburned!

Hugs and Love,


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  2. Wha?! You have a Kade with a "K"?! I have a Kade with a "k". I've never known anybody else!