Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Top Ten Tuesdays

I follow this great blog Simply Sweet Life and she has started Top Ten Tuesdays which I love!A lot like her I really love lists.Think they are awesome!So I decided to join in the fun.This week's Top Ten is-

                                     Your Top Ten Life Essentials

Here is mine:

1.My Husband.For some crazy reason I just can't live without that man.
2.My children.They make life so much more fun!
3.My family.
4.My best friend Jack.
5.Lip Gloss,jeans and flip flops.These are staples to my everyday life.
6.My camera.I HAVE to take pictures.There is no way around that one.
7.Music.I have to listen to my songs.
8.Laughter.It makes my world go around.Seriously.
9.Candles.I have a serious love affair with these wonderful smelling creations.
10.My computer.My friends,blog and Facebook are in there.

I think I might be more simple than thought.Anyways head on over to Simply Sweet Life and join in.

Hugs and Love,


  1. Yay! I'm so glad that you could link right up and I love your list! How wonderful is it to find you are as simple as you thought?

    My list included the people close to me too... I love it! Thanks for participating, I'm so honored!

  2. What a beautiful list. It brought gratitude to my heart for all the blessing in my life. Thank you!

    Following you from Hop a Little Tuesday! Please stop by and check out my blog. Would love to read your comments.