Friday, March 18, 2011

Someone help me!

I am having one of those mommy days.Ya know the ones where I am still in my pajamas,hair a mess and I feel like I haven't accomplished one productive thing.Jake is sick with a fever and my other two are so bored that they are bugging and whining.On top of that the house is a mess and I forgot to get anything out for dinner(looks like leftovers tonight).So my poor hubby who has been at work all day will come home to a mess of a wife,crabby kids plus one sick one and leftovers.I am glad he sees something he loves here that he still comes home every night.I know I sound whiny, it has just been a long day.I just needed to vent for a minute.I know that there are days like this.My life as a mommy and wife are not always going to be glamorous but they seem to be like this a lot lately.Time to get out and get back to life.I think we have just been staying couped up in the house to much.So glad Spring is upon us...time to get out there and join the world again.Next thing to do is a trip to Home Depot for plants and flowers.Time to try gardening again.

But for now I am going to go and take care of my Jake.I think this is the worst part of parenting to me.It hurts me when my babies are hurt or sick.Thanks for reading my whiny post today.Y'all are the best.And I do feel better.

Hugs and Love,

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  1. Just wanted to send you a sympathetic virtual hug! I think that it's a mommy's right to have days like this. I had a whole WEEK of them not too long ago. I hope that Jake feels better soon!!

    Following you from MBC :)