Thursday, March 24, 2011

Let's Drive Him a Little Crazy

So I know this is a little late today but better late than never I guess.I love Mama Kat's Writer's Workshop.She has creative prompts and always several to choose from.This week was kinda hard but I chose...

3.) Something you do that drives your significant other CRAZY.

Now I could write about all the things that Tom does that drives me crazy but it is hard for me to write about what I do that drives him crazy.I kept trying to think of what I could do that would drive him crazy.I mean come on!Me drive anyone,especially my dear husband,crazy.Well I just couldn't think of anything really to write about so I just asked him.He thinks about it for a moment and comes up with

Letting the kids eat in the bedroom.

Really.That is it??For a moment I was like"you're kidding right?".Nope he wasn't.That is the one thing I do that drives him crazy.Of all the things I do,not mating socks(hate it) or taking days to finally clean up our room(that one even drives me crazy),letting the kids eat in our room sometimes is what drives him crazy.

Thinking about it for a moment I finally decided I'll take it.I mean it could be worse.In fact it is very fixable.We eat dinner at the table so that is where they will eat everything from now on.And if that is the one thing that drives him crazy and I fix it then that might make me the perfect wife.Right?

Yeah I know.But a girl can dream right?

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  1. Haha! I think my husband would probably say it annoys him that I'm so indecisive. But I could say the same about him, haha, we're quite a pair.

    Stopping by and following from Bloggy Moms :o)


  2. Wow, you're doing well if that's the only thing! Like you said, that's very fixable. We did this prompt too: