Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Mom Pledge

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This is a hard one for me.I am not a bully nor have I ever been bullied..Which is weird as I a formula feeding,baby wearing,disposable diaper user and a lot of other things that I see a lot of moms bashing other moms for.Only on my tattoos have people been rude.Yes I have tattoos and I want more.But I also respect people who do not like them.This is the reason I can't go onto Cafe Mom anymore.The bashing and bulling there is non-stop and uncalled for.Myself I love to meet other moms.I have learned a lot and love that I have another mom's view on things sometimes.They give my ideas I would never have thought of.I really don't understand why moms bash anyways.We are here to raise our families the way we see fit.What is right for my kids does not mean it is right for someone else's child.In fact all my children are different and what works for one might not work for the other.It is all about individuality.As an individual I have the right to make what I feel is the right decision for my children.That does not mean it is right or wrong.It is just my way.It is not our place to place to judge people for their choices,what they wear,if they have tattoos or not,etc.We are all in this life together.We should love and support each other.Be there to help the new mommy not tell her how it has to be done but give her opinions.Take them or not we should support her not bash her.Be there for each other in our mommy crisis' and mommy moments where we need another mom not someone who is going to bash and bully.It should end here.It should never have existed.

I never have been in either position but it breaks my heart to see it.I really hope that it will stop.

Hugs and Love,


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  2. Love this post. :) I agree 100%.

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