Saturday, March 12, 2011

The One that Completed Us

Today I must share the story of Jacob.The uh-oh baby of our family.The one that I did not want.Before you judge me on that statement please read the story first.Some of this is hard for me to tell.When I had Kade I wanted my tubes tied.I wanted no more children.I was told that I couldn't have that done until I was 25 or had two children.I was 19 and even though I had two children I had only given birth to one so they told me no.I was mad.I decided that once I was 25 I would get it done.Let me tell you I have never been so glad to be told no in my life!!But I am getting a head of myself.Fast forward to June 2007.Summer vacation had begun.We had just moved into a house and just got done painting and fixing it up.But I couldn't enjoy any of it.I was sicker that anytime in my life.I could barely get through my days.And I was late.Very late.Some woman will say they knew when they got pregnant.I am not one of those women but something did tell be to take a pregnancy test.I did not want to see two pink lines this time.On June 11 2007 I saw those two pink lines anyways.I took another test.Same result.I sat on the edge of my bathtub and cried.They were not happy tears.I did not want this baby.I went to the doctor and they confirmed and I was given a due date of Febuary 5 2008.I was mad.At everyone.I went through the next 6 weeks mad and miserable.I thought about adoption.I just did not want another baby.I had my first ultrasound on August 1 2007.I didn't want to go but I went anyways.I got in there and they tech started.I looked at the screen and saw my baby.Yes my baby.Not sure what happened but I as I looked at my baby on that black screen I wanted him.Just like that all my mad was gone.I was going to be a mom again and I was so happy about it.A month later they told us we were going to have another boy!I was even happier.We went back and forth about names and the only one we could agree on was Jacob.I had a long and miserable pregnancy.I was sick the whole time.I had 3 days of contractions and the first two stages of labor.Active labor was 7 1/2 hours.At 6:58am Monday January 28 2008 a healthy 6lb 15 oz Jacob Riley joined our family.He was beautiful.When they put him in my arms I fell in love.I feel horrible when I think back to those first weeks when I didn't want this precious baby that God gave me.But I have learned to get past it.I wouldn't want my life without him in it and that is what matters to me.Jacob might have been our uh-oh baby but he was also our unexpected blessing.

Today Jake is 3 and he is everyone's boy.He loves anything with wheels.He loves to be in the middle of everything.Jake loves his big brother Kade and gets so excited when he comes home from school.He loves to laugh and dance.He is a very affectionate toddler.I could not imagine my life with out him.
Thank you for reading!
Hugs and Love,

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