Sunday, February 6, 2011

Outnumbered I am...

So I live in house full of guys.My only ally in this house of blue is Mercedes and it is sad to say she can be just like them.There are days that I ask myself why when I was pregnant did I want boys both times.I should have known that as they got older the more they would act like their father.But no I wouldn't change a thing.I know me...the reason I wanted boys is because I am not girly enough for more than one girl and boys are easier for me.

That being said it isn't the easiest job raising these boys of mine.Especially Jacob being a mini-Tom.For those who know my husband  you understand where I am coming from.There is also my fear of slimy and gross bugs.At this point I just hope they don't play or yes...EAT any poisonous ones.I will never get little boys fascination with bugs(YUK!!).I just turn my head and let the guys handle that one.Or the obession with beating each other up.I can't even count the bruises and cuts they give each other daily.
But the great  things outnumber the gross.Like the fact that they are best friends.Their love for each shows in so many ways and that brings such joy to me.When I got pregnant with Jacob I wanted a boy...not for me(I already had my girl) as much for Kade.I felt that with the small age difference that if I had another boy they could grow up best friends.And at this point I feel that I was right.Yes they fight and yell at each other but they are brothers too.Sometimes I can watch them together when they don't know it and I can see they great friendship that they are building that will only strengthen through the years.I am glad that no matter what happens they have each other.And they have Mercedes who both absolutely adore.It is amazing sometimes the relationships that siblings can build.With both my boys they attached to their 'Sissy' from day one.That is awesome for them.I could not ask for better children...maybe better behaved but not better.I am truly blessed with the best!

Onto another note.My husband and best friend decided to get a motorcycle.Most would say what is the big deal??I love to ride them myself.But my deal is now my 3 year old wants one!!!We can barely tear him away from it.I think he would be okay sitting on it all day and just give him his blanket and pillow and he would sleep on it.Yes I fear my car-truck-train-anything with wheels loving son is addicted to the bike!What am I going to do when the guys bring home a motorcycle for a 5 year old???
                                                            Jake with his Uncle Jack

                                                                   Hugs and Love,


  1. I posted a comment the other day but i didn't think it went through..obviously it didn't.

    Atleast you have an ally, my poor husband is the only blue in our house of pink. And I totally can relate to the sibling bond. I am amazed at how my girls are so close and have this bond that noone else knows but them. I love that first picture! :)

  2. Yes I do have Mercedes so that is cool.

    And it is amazing the bonds siblings have.I agree nobody else has that but them.What could be more awesome:)
    What is weird I did this post and then when I read yours later it was kinda the same subject...great minds:)

    Yes that first picture is my favorite of them together.I am glad I was able to get it:)