Saturday, December 3, 2011

I'm Back...again

So we moved at the end of September.It was rough for me because I was so sick.Fever and all.But we got through it.So after getting settled in I call up my internet to get it transferred here.They tell me they don't service my area.I was like ok there are other providers.I called every internet provider to be told the same thing,they don't service we live.Really??Nobody services this area?It took me two months and several fits but I finally found a provider and have my internet back.Finally!Super happy that is done and I am back up and running.I missed blogging and reading everyone's blog.Since I am two months behind and have so many I read I think I am just going to have to skip catch up and go from here.I just don't have the time.


So Jake is finally POTTY TRAINED!!!Oh my I am so glad that is done.We are still working on night time but that is ok.I just couldn't do it anymore.The boy is turning 4 at the end of January!We tried everything to no avail.So I just told him no more diapers,put some underwear on him and told him to use the toilet.And he did!A few accidents later and he was done.No more diapers!It is so nice.Sad in the my baby is no longer a baby way but nice in the I don't have to buy or change them anymore way.Now to just to get him talking more and we would be good.

That is all for now.I have to go do some wifey/mommy chores.Just wanted to stop in and let everyone know I am back:)

Hugs and Love,

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