Saturday, December 31, 2011

Goodbye 2011

Overall 2011 was a good year.Yes it had it's bad parts but overall it was good.

In January my sweet Jake turned 3.It was the first time he really got into celebrating his birthday.

February was pretty uneventful though I did finally get my boys tattoo:)

On March 1st I turned 26.YAY!But I was sick with an earache and stuck in bed:(.

In April my baby girl had her tonsils taken out and we found out very quickly that she had a bleeding disorder.One of the worse parent moments ever!BUT on that same day we were also blessed with the birth of my niece Chloe Rylian,who has brought so much joy and love to our lives.

In May my daughter graduated from 8th grade and became a high schooler!!

In June my beautiful daughter turned 15.I can't believe she will be 16 in a little over half a year!

In July my handsome Kade turned 7.He is growing up so fast:(

In August and Sept we moved....twice.It was a rough time and not something I wish to repeat.But in the end we have a beautiful home with enough room for everyone and where everyone is comfortable.So it was pretty worth it(though I didn't think so at the time).

October brought fall-time which I love and Halloween which my kids love.They love to dress up and have the witch fairy come visit.

November and December was spent with family and celebrating the holidays.It was a blast!

Everyone have a safe and Happy New Year!!!

Hugs and Love,