Thursday, March 29, 2012

Their Momma and Her Aunt

So my days consist of taking care of little people.Until four o'clock five days a week I take care of my sweet Jake and the sweet Chloe.Then I also get the privilege of having Mercedes and Kade home from school. These awesome little people sure keep my busy.They keep me from doing things I want to do(like keep up with my blog) or sit down and read a book.But you know what that is okay with me.They are growing up on me.All four of them.It is just a few short months from Jake starting pre-school.My baby.In one short year and a few months my baby-baby will be in school all day.Yes,I am already tearing up.I keep asking myself "what will I do?".I only have Chloe every other week while her dad is at work and all my babies will be gone all day.What will I do with myself?There will be no more morning cartoons and cereal with Jake,no more so busy I can barely sit down days.He will be off enjoying his new chapter in his life.I can't lie,there is already an empty feeling in my chest and tears are start to run down my cheeks.My babies just are no longer babies.Even my sweet niece will be one in a couple of weeks.The years are slipping away way to fast.I want to just push the pause button and stay right here with them.But I know that will not ever happen.They will grow up.I see this everyday.With Jake and his wanting to do everything himself now.Or watching Chloe take her first steps and saying new words everyday.With Kade and his always wanting to go to his friends houses and be with the guys.Or Mercedes being excited for her sweet 16 and having (gulp) boyfriends.Yep.They are growing up on me.So since I can't stop it, I am going to enjoy it.Every second of it!Even the times where they are driving me to the brink of insanity.Because I know one day,not to far from this one,they will be gone.

So I am going to go snuggle up to Chloe and Jake and just enjoy them.Enjoy them just being.
Have an AWESOME thursday:)

Hugs and Love,

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  1. I'm starting to feel this way (with my oldest especially). It's amazing how fast they grow.